Doc & Pheobes Indoor Hunting Feeder
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Lose the bowl. Cats NEED to hunt, catch and play with at least five small meals a day. Hunting makes a cat, a
cat. That’s why this award-winning indoor hunting feeder was invented.
Doc & Phoebes’ Indoor Hunting Feeder is a complete system to free your cat from the bowl and includes:
5 Feeders (each with two dispensing holes) designed for any size kibble. 5 Feeder Skins designed to
stimulate the tactile feel of prey, allowing your cat to grab, claw and use teeth. 1 Scoop, which holds 1.6
tablespoons (1/5th of the daily ration of an average 10lb cat). 1 Trainer complete with multiple dispensing
• Reduces obesity
• Stimulates play
• Increased hunting instinct.
Includes 5 mice, 5 skins, measuring scoop and trainer.
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